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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Trade badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Show that you have an interest and an improved proficiency in creating useful objects or constructional projects.

Range: metalwork, woodwork, brick, stone, carpentry, plumbing, painting, plastics, fiberglass and plastering.


1. Investigate the types of materials used in a trade of your own choice.
2. Investigate the types of materials commonly used in the construction of a building.
3. Investigate the materials required for you r selected project. Investigate the construction method of the project.


1. Learn how to use and care for hand and power tools.
2. Show that you are able to conserve materials on your project.


1. Construct a specific project of your choice within your chosen trade e.g. construct a dog kennel, Patrol Box.
2. Provide materials and costings for your project.
3. Demonstrate the use and care for hand and power tools.

You can download an examination sheet.