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Scouts Proficiency Badges

Performing Arts

To gain the Performing Arts badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Range: those areas of performing and entertaining not covered by the Music or Entertainer badges such areas as production, direction, stage design, lighting, sound, script writing, costume design.


1. Find out the origin of the art form related to your area of interest, e.g. props, sound, lighting, stage design, backstage support, producer, director.
2. Identify and describe five elements of your art form that are essential for it to be successful.
3. Find out when your art form was introduced into Australia and by whom.


1. Learn how to create a script for a short play.
2. Learn how to prepare lighting for a stage production.
3. Learn how to erect a sound system for a stage production.
4. Learn how to construct stage props.
5. Learn how to prepare music for a stage production.
6. Learn how to design a layout for a stage production.


1. Take part in a performance of your art form.
2. Write a short skit of about three minutes duration.
3. Assist in the preparation of stage props or assist in another back-stage support role.
4. Produce a short video on a subject of your choice of about five minutes duration.
5. Produce a design for a stage production of your choice.
6. Assist in the production of a music score for a stage production.

You can download an examination sheet.

Performing Arts