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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Outdoor badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

This badge is complete in the outdoors. Show that you have improved your existing skills and learnt new skills in outdoor activities.

Range: camping, hiking, canoeing, sailing and other outdoor activities of Scouts choice.


Demonstrate an understanding, appropriate to your level of experience, of the main risks, safety precautions and requirements in your chosen area of an outdoor activity.


1. Learn and demonstrate a new skill in your chosen outdoor activity.
2. Show your knowledge of your new outdoor activity by organizing and participating in a Patrol talk or Troop activity.


Over an appropriate period of time, undertake an activity that extends your current level of understanding or ability in your chosen area. Some examples:
1. Prepare the necessary equipment for and undertake a two-night camp.
2. Over a three-month period, organise two hikes for your Patrol or other Scouts.
3. Participate in a canoeing or sailing training program and achieve an appropriate level of competency.

You can download an examination sheet.