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Scouts Proficiency Badges

Literary Arts

To gain the Literary Arts badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Show you have an interest in, have learnt about and have improved your knowledge in literary arts.

Range: writing, poetry, and public speaking.


1. Choose one form of literary art to learn about. Gather information about on e aspect or a period when a form was popular, e.g. poetry, playwright, fantasy, story writing.
2. Learn about the oldest form of literary art that you can find and how it was expressed.
3. Find out about a famous writer, e.g. Shakespeare


1. Learn to write in a particular form of poetry, e.g. Haiku, rhyming, free verse, sonnet, limerick, quatrain, acrostic etc.
2. Demonstrate you understand of how a particular form of writing is produced, e.g. play, fantasy, fiction, science fiction, TV soap etc.


1. Write a form of poetry and write a short script using Shakespearian language.

2. Write a short novel of at least five chapters after researching how to write a novel.

You can download an examination sheet.

Literary Arts