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Scouts Proficiency Badges

Information Technology

To gain the Information Technology badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Show you have an interest in, have learnt about and have improved your knowledge in information technology.

Rage: computers, electronic transfer, telexed and mobile phone.


1. Find about the development of information technology over the last three years.
2. Find 10 devices people use everyday that use computer technology.
3. Find out what information technology opportunities exist and how information technology can help underprivileged people.
4. Use the Internet to find out about Scouting in another country and show the results of your research to your Patrol.


1. Learn how to create a website, power point presentation or other presentation using information technology.
2. Learn how to create mail merge document, and an email address on the web.
3. Learn how to install software on to a computer.


1. Create a presentation about Scouts using one of the mediums in skill 1.
2. Use a computer to create a contact list for your Patrol or Troop.
3. install and configure additional software onto a computer.

You can download an examination sheet.

Information Technology