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Scouts Proficiency Badges

Indivdual Sportsman

To gain the Individual Sportsman badge you must participate in an individual sport for one season or at least six months and complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Make significant progress while participating in an individual sport, or take up and become proficient in an individual sport not previously played for at least six months. Show that you know the rules of the game, the risks and safety regulations. Show an understanding of the repercussions of not playing as part of the team. The badge includes any activity deemed by you or your Troop Council/Adviser to be a sport other than a team sport.


Give a brief history of your chosen sport. Show that you know the rules, penalties, risks and safety precautions of this sport.


1. Develop the skills necessary to play the sport and show an improvement in a particular aspect of your sport.
2. In conjunction with your coach develop a training program suitable for physical and mental endurance and skills to improve your performance in your chosen sport.


1. Document your progress within your chosen sport showing how your fitness and ability has improved over a period of at least four months.
2. Run an activity for your Patrol or Troop which will help them understand the basic rules of your chosen sport.

You can download an examination sheet.

Individual Sportsman