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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Entertainer badge you must complete one task from each A, B and C.
This badge is designed for the Scout with an interest in different aspects of entertaining other than music which is covered by the music badge. This badge covers areas such as ballet, jazz ballet, modern dance, tap dancing, ballroom dancing, poetry recitation, mime or a part in a video production.


1. Find out about the origins of your particular field of interest.
2. Explain what is meant by particular terminology of your field of interest.
3. Make a list of the different types of jobs involved in your particular interest and their roles.


1. Demonstrate or explain to your leaders and Advisor the various techniques and developments devised for your particular field of interest.
2. Create a performance, either solo or in a group, to present to other people.


1. Perform a role in a play, comedy skit, theatrical revue or video production.
2. Direct a performance by other people.
3. Give a report to your Patrol or Troop on what you have learned about your particular field of interest.

You can download an examination sheet.