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West Pennant Hills

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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Craft badge you must complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Show you have an interest in, have learnt about and have improved your knowledge in the craft of choice.

Range: interior design, mosaics, lapidary, embossing, book binding, calligraphy, decorative metal working, leather craft, quilting, die casting, knitting, sewing, crochet, cake decorating, macame, or any other craft approved by the Troop Council


1. Find out the history and development of your particular craft.
2. Research the preparation methods needed to perform your particular craft.
3. Find out about people skilled in the craft of your choice and discuss the development of their work.


1. Learn at least two main techniques used in the craft of choice.
2. Be able to discuss the methods used to perform and complete your particular choice of craft.
3. Discuss the type and use usage of materials and tools that are used in your particular craft.


1. Produce and show a completed work of your particular craft requiring a minimum of 5hours to complete the work.

You can download an examination sheet.