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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Collector badge you must own and develop a collection for at least four months and complete one task from each of A, B and C.

Show you have an interest in, have practiced and/or have an improved proficiency in collecting.

Range: Anything that can be collected can qualify for this badge, e.g. stamps, signatures, coins, bottles, cards etc.


1. Find out the history of the subject of your collection.
2. Subscribe to a club or magazine that provides information about your collection.
3. Finds out the meaning of particular terminology relating to yur collection.


1. Demonstrate how to organise your collection into particular classes.
2. Demonstrate how to care for your collection.
3. Show that you understand how to increase your collection by various methods.


1. Give a presentation to your Patrol or Troop on your collection, explaining its history and items of particular significance and how you care for it.
2. Explain how other Scouts might begin their collection.
3. Give a report to your Advisor on what you have learned about your collection.

You can download an examination sheet.