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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Caving badge you must complete, with your Patrol or other Scouts and the appropriate qualified person, all of the requirements for a, B and C.

Participants must have attained the age of 11 years.

Caves must be considered horizontal or non-technical, and must not require the use of ladders or abseiling.

Duration of underground stay must not exceed 4 hours consecutively.

All caving activities are to comply to State safety regulations.


Prior to caving, demonstrate precautions applicable to caving including: 1. approach drops
2. the safe distance from drops
3. the need to restrain loose hair and clothing
4. knowledge of stand communication conventions used in caving.


Demonstrate knowledge of:
1. tape knot, including tie offs
2. figure 8 on a bight
3. the correct fitting of a harness
4. necessary personal equipment including:
a) lighting
b) protective clothing and hardware
5. the basic rules for the use and care of equipment.


1. Undertake two cave expeditions totaling not less than 6 hours.

You can download an examination sheet.