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West Pennant Hills

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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Bushcraft badge you must complete one task from section a, two tasks from section B and three tasks from section C. Show you have an interest in, have practiced and have improved proficiency in some form of Bushcraft.


1. Find out the origin of map making and the current method of making a map.
2. Find out three methods of purifying and straining contaminated water.
3. Find out the natural signs used to forecast weather and their meaning.


1. Learn how to make two lengths of rope from natural materials using different methods (e.g. spinning strands and laying up, plaiting etc.).
2. Learn how to tell the time and directions by the sun (to an accuracy of fifteen minutes of time and 5 degrees of direction) and the stars (to and accuracy of 30 minutes of time and 10 degrees of direction).
3. Learn how to make a satisfactory shelter for two people using either natural materials or only those materials available to you.
4. Learn how to prepare and cook a chicken or fish without utensils.
5. Learn how to construct a sundial or other gadget to find true north.


1. Demonstrate how to prepare and light a cooking fire in the open and the fire precautions to take.
2. Make two lengths or rope from natural materials (or materials available to you).
3. Cook a camp meal using only a billy and minimal utensils (e.g. a knife and spoon).
4. Sleep in a natural shelter or a shelter made from improvised coverings (e.g. tarpaulin).
5. Light a fire without using matches.
6. Make two camp gadgets from bush materials.

NOTE: Due care must be taken so that no permanent damage is done to the bush environment. All rules and regulations of the local authorities must be complied with.

You can download an examination sheet.