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Scouts Proficiency Badges


To gain the Agriculture badge you must complete one task from each of A, B, and C.
Show that you have gained a broad understanding of agriculture and a more detailed knowledge of a specific interest in a field relating to agriculture.
Range: farming, gardening, fishery, forestry, resource management, pesticides and fertilizer usage.


1. Either by discussion with your Adviser or by an illustration talk to your Patrol or other Scouts, show that you have an understanding of:
a) the main stages in growing cycle applicable to your chosen topic.
b) the basic skills applicable to your chosen area of agriculture.

2. After discussion with your Adviser, undertake a project appropriate to your chosen topic. Your project might be based on at least one of the following from skill and activity segments.


1. Spend at least 10 hours helping with planting, caring for and harvesting a crop.
2. Photograph each stage of the crop and show your Patrol how the product is dealt with, and teach your Patrol how the crop is planted and harvested.
3. Assist in banding birds, tagging fish or in some other work on a flora or faun reserve, or assist a National Parks Service or Forestry service in performing appropriate work.


1. Plan and plant a flower display garden of at least 10 square metres (or a vegetable garden of at least 20 square metres) throughout one complete growing season.
2. make a compost heap, and understand and explain the principles of manuring, both natural and artificial.

You can download an examination sheet.