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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges

World Friendship

Level 1

1. Keep a scrapbook about another country of your choice and include:
(a) a map of where the country is
(b) the flag of the country
(c) details of how the people of the country live, what they eat, the clothes they wear and what they work at
(d) Choose one famous person from that country and tell something about the person and why he or she is famous.

2. Find out if Scouting exists in the country you have chosen. If it does, draw a picture of the Scout Badge.

3. Collect three different items (such as stamps, coins, postcards, Scout badges or traditional crafts) from three different countries and talk about what you have learnt from them.

4. Explain what the United nations is and some of the work it does around the world.


1. Make contact with a Cub Scout in another country and find out about the uniform worn by that Cub Scout.

2. Draw and colour the flag of the country where your penfriend lives.

3. Show on a map where your penfriend lives.

4. Collect stamps from different countries and discuss what you find different and/or interesting about the stamps you have.

5. Explain what the United Nations is about and some of the work it does around the world.

Level 2

1. Keep a scrapbook about another country of your choice showing details of the people, and include special reference to:
a. the method of living.
b. the food they eat and how they prepare, serve and eat it.
c. their accommodation, such as the types of dwellings they build and how they furnish them.
d. their general living habits.
e. their clothing.
f. traditional games and sports.
g. festivals and national holidays and how they celebrate them.
h. currency.
i. religions.
j. whether or not Scouting exists in this country and one way in which it is similar to Australia and one way in which it is different.


Be a penfriend to a child from another country and write, email or send tapes to them for at least four months. Over this time find out a few interesting things about your penfriend, e.g. the way he/she lives, traditions of that country, special events or festivals and clothing.
2. Mark on a world map the following:
a. the locations of the United Nations Headquarters.
b. the locations of the World Organisation of Scout Movements and Gilwell Park.
c. the locations of six World Jamborees.

3. List six organisations which are part of the United Nations and tell something about what they do.

4. Name at least five countries where Scouting exists and find out something about Scouting in two of those countries, including the Cub Scout and/or Scout Promise and Law.

5. Find out if there are any immigrants in your community, where they came from and why they came to your locality.

6. Write a prayer about World Peace and Friendship and read it at a Pack meeting, Scouts Own or your place of worship.

You can download an examination sheet.

World Friendship Level 1

World Friendship Level 2