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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

Do any four of the following:

1. Observer the weather conditions at the same time each day for seven days and record the conditions on a chart, include temperature, cloud cover, wind direction and speed, rainfall and any special weather events.

2. Explain why it rains and why it sometimes does not rain for a long time.

3. Collect from newspapers or by the internet, weather maps for seven consecutive days and explain what they show.

4. Name and draw three different types of clouds.

5. Make a simple rain gauge and plot daily rainfall for fourteen days.

6. Produce a chart on clouds and explain how clouds may be used in forecasting weather.

Level 2

Do any five of the following:

1. Explain how modern weather forecasting is done and list some of the equipment which is used by meteorologists.

2. Make a simple barometer. Use it to measure the atmospheric pressure at the same time each day for 21 days. Record and plot the daily pressure.

3. Using a weather map as an aid, explain the meaning of isobar, high and low pressure and wind velocity.

4. Build a weather vane and record the wind direction daily at the same time for 21 days. Keep a record of the weather during this period.

5. Explain three ways which people used predictions about the weather without using scientific equipment.

6. Keep a sequence of weather satellite pictures that have been reproduced in a newspaper or on the internet showing the movement of a cyclone or rain depression and discuss these.

7. Draw a picture of a weather beacon and explain how it indicates the state of the weather.

8. Research weather records for your area and find out the wettest and driest months in your area and the hottest and coldest temperatures and when they occurred.

You can download an examination sheet.

Weather Level 1

Weather Level 2