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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

Do any four of the following:

1. Identify and explain two natural occurrences that happen in space, giving examples of each one.

2. Observe a satellite or ISS (International Space Station) and record the time of the sighting and its path across the sky.

3. Draw a diagram of our solar system showing the planets, their sizes and distances from the sun.

4. Identify the Southern Cross and demonstrate how to find due south.

5. Visit a Planetarium or Observatory.

6. Make a pinhole Planetarium.

7. Observe and identify two planets.

Level 2

Do any five of the following:

1. Identify and explain three natural occurrences in space, giving examples of each one.

2. Explain the function of three different types of satellite and how we can communicate with them.

3. Draw or make a model of a space station or rocket and explain what its function is.

4. Identify two constellations in the sky and describe these.

5. Research and present information on how people survive on a space mission.

6. Explain what an eclipse is and what effect it has on the Earth.

7. Explain the effect the Sun has on the Earth and its atmosphere.

8. Explain what moons are and how they effect the planets they belong to.

You can download an examination sheet.

Space Level 1

Space Level 2