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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

1. Make plaster casts of three kinds of leaves.

2. Make Plaster casts of three tracks - bird or animal.

3. Collect, press, mount and label five kinds of leaves.

4. Collect four kinds of seeds and label them. Explain how they are dispersed.

5. Collect (making sure you do not damage the environment, mount and label five kinds of rocks or shells.

6.Make a list of five different living things other than plants that you have found in the garden. Sketch or photograph them and record where they were when you saw them.

Level 2

1. Keep a zoo of insects such as ants, grasshoppers, crickets, or praying Mantises for one week and observe and record their habits then return them to where your found them.

2. Set up an aquarium ir terrarium and keep it for four weeks, using plants, or animals that you have collected.

3. Make a migration chard showing the pathways followed by one migratory bird that visits Australia.

4. Observe six animals, birds, fish, reptile, amphibians or mammals in their habitat. Describe the pace where they were seen and what they were doing.

5. Visit a natural history museum, zoo or sanctuary or animal farm and find out the purpose of the place visited and the collection held.

6. Look at a fossil in a museum or geological display, draw it and explain what it is, how it was formed and how old it is.

You can download an examination sheet.

Naturalist Level 1

Naturalist Level 2