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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges

Masks and Sculpture

Level 1

Complete one part from each section.

1. Paper
(a) Fold five different origami shapes or paper aeroplanes fro the examiner.
(b) Make an animal mask.
(c) Make a clown mask.

2. Clay/Carving
(a) Construct a pinch pot from clay and decorate the outside with an embossed design.
(b) Create a relief tile by pressing natural objects into the clay.
(c) Create a small figure or animal from natural clay or polymer.
(d) Make a soap carving.

3. Construction/Appreciation
(a) Make a central balanced mobile using three different materials.
(b) Create a 3D sculpture of your choice using natural or man-made materials with appropriate glues, in a safe way.
(c) Choose two pieces of art and tell the examiner why you like them.

Level 2

Complete one part from each section.

1. Paper
(a) Create a figure or scene using basic paper sculpture techniques such as cone and cylindrical forms, scoring, pleating, curving and cut surface.
(b) Make two masks, one suitable for a cultural holiday or special occasion and one for a masked fancy dress ball.
(c) Make a paper-mache mask to resemble yourself.
(d) Make two drama masks, one depicting 'sad' emotions and the other depicting 'glad' emotions.

2. Clay/Carving
(a) Construct a coil pot from clay and decorate with clay shapes joined to the outside surface.
(b) Create a relief tile by sculpting a scene or design of your choice with three levels of modelling into the clay to show forms coming out of and going into the tile surface.
(c) Create three figures or animals from natural or polymer clay and arrange in a '3D' scene mounted on a base.
(d) Construct two pots using a press mould and a drape mould technique.
(e) Carve a '3D' form of your choice from soapstone, plaster or soft wood.

3. Construction/Appreciation
(a) Make a counter balanced mobile (a heavy weight one side balanced by several smaller weights on the opposite side). Use three different materials and suspend from a ceiling or high place or from a ground base.
(b) Create a "3D' sculptural from to resemble a bird, animal or insect using natural or man-made materials. Explain to the examiner how you used the tools and any glues in a safe way.
(c) Visit an Art Gallery with your examiner. Choose one of your favourite sculptures, make a sketch and explain why you like the sculpture.
(d) Find information about an Australian sculptor, explain how the sculptor works, the material used and what you like about their work.

You can download an examination sheet.

Masks and Sculpture Level 1

Masks and Sculpture Level 2