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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges

Information Technology

Level 1

1. Electronically communicate with your examiner (i.e. email) arranging a time to assess your badge. Include in your email two emoticons and a working weblink to the Scouts Australia website.

Choose five from the following:

2. Demonstrate your typing skills by typing the Cub Scout Prayer with as few mistakes as you can manage. Demonstrate that you can cut, paste, save and print the document.

3. Tell your examiner about the important parts of your computer.

4. Using a search engine, find a web page about Scouting and print it.

5. Tell your examiner how you have improved your skills through playing your favourite computer game on any platform over a period of one month (Playstation®, computer, GameBoy etc.). Also demonstrate to your examiner how to use your gaming platform including how to turn it on and off, how to load games, how to save games and how to use the controller.

6. Using a drawing program produce a picture for the examiner using different effects.

7. Carry out a conversation with another Cub Scout over the internet (i.e. chat) for at least 20 minutes. Print out the conversation and show it to the examiner.

8. Demonstrate your knowledge of emoticons by telling your examiner about four, how they are developed and their meanings.

Level 2

1. Electronically communicate with your examiner (i.e. email) arranging a time to assess your badge. Include in your email a small picture file attached to the message (e.g. JPEG).

Choose five from the following:

2. Find out about a computer system you would like to own and explain your reasons for wanting it.
Explain what additions you would like to make to your PC (e.g. more memory, CD or DVD, CD/DVD burner, scanner) and explain why you would like to make those alterations.

3. Using a scanner or equivalent, scan a text document or picture and edit it using a text editor or graphics package and show the examiner you know how to do this.

4. Keep a record of your improvement on your favourite computer game over a period of one month (since the completion of Level 1 if you did this activity).

5. Using a data presentation program (e.g. Microsoft® PowerPoint, Lotus® Freelance, Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Publisher) put together a leaflet using words and pictures to advertise Scouting.

6. Demonstrate to the examiner that you can add a website to the favourites or bookmark option of your Internet browser

7. List three precautions that you must take when using the Internet.

8. Successfully transfer data files from one computer to anothe (not via email) using CD, ZIP Disk, IR, USB drive, FDD etc.

You can download an examination sheet.

Information Technology Level 1

INformation Technology Level 2