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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

1. Know and understand the safety rules for flying kites.

2. Do any two of the following:
(a) Make and fly a glider.
(b) Make and fly a box kite.
(c) Make and fly an 'ordinary kite'.

3. Make and test a model parachute.

4. Draw and label the parts of a hot air balloon and explain how a hot air balloon flies.

Level 2

1. Make and fly a model plane.

2. Identify five aircraft either in the air or from pictures or models. Explain the use of each aircraft and how it is propelled.

3. Explain how aeroplanes are steered in the air and take off and land.

4. Inspect an aeroplane at close quarters. Watch a plane taking off and a plane landing. Observe what happens, make sketches of the process and explain what is happening.

You can download an examination sheet.

Flight Level 1

Flight Level 2