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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

1. Swim 50 metres using any stroke. Tread water and float alternately for one minute

2. Identify five fish caught in the area where you go fishing.

3. Rig a fishing line with hook and sinker and use it.

4. Go fishing with an adult, bait a hook and attempt to catch a fish.

5. Know where to obtain a fishing licence for your area.

6. Find out about two of the following three fishing laws:
(a) minimum size of three fish which you could regularly catch.
(b) seasons for three game fish found in your area.
(c) inland fishing regulations for your area.

7. Discuss what safety precautions you would use when fishing, as well as sun safe precautions.

Level 2

1. Discuss the safety precautions, including sun safe precautions, to be taken when fishing from rocks or from a boat.

2. Discuss how to find out in advance the expected weather and water conditions in the locality where you go fishing.

3. Participate in at least three fishing trips and keep a log showing:
(a) time and date of the trips
(b) the time of low and high tides if applicable
(c) the number of fish caught
(d) the types of fish caught

4. List three types of bait that is appropriate to use where you go fishing, where to get it and how to keep it fresh.

5. List the minimum size for five fish types caught in the area where you fish.

6. Show how to clean and maintain your fishing gear.

7. Swim 50 metres using any strike. Tread water and float alternately for one minute.

You can download an examination sheet.

Fishing Level 1

Fishing Level 2