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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

1. Swim 50 metres.
2. Demonstrate how to fit and wear an approved personal floatation device (PFD).
3. Explain the basic safety rules for canoeing and the buddy system.
4. Name the parts of a canoe.
5. Demonstrate how to safely get into and out of a canoe.
6. Under supervision, demonstrate the basic paddling strokes and show that you can safely control the canoe.

Level 2

1. List or state the rules for safe canoeing and the buddy system.
2. Swim 50 metres in shorts, shirt and shoes and then tread water for five minutes.
3. Demonstrate how to fit and wear a personal flotation device. Show the correct way to swim whilst wearing a personal flotation device.
4. Name the parts of a canoe and explain their function.
5. Show how to check and prepare a canoe before canoeing and how to correctly store after you have finished.
6. Explain how to find information relating to the expected weather and water conditions in the area where you go canoeing. Describe the effect of adverse weather conditions on canoeing.
7. Demonstrate how to correctly launch and recover a canoe and show how to control a canoe by using the basic paddling strokes.
8. Capsize your canoe. Swim it to shore and recover the canoe.
9. Have the regular use of a canoe. Keep a record of the times and conditions that you canoed in.

You can download an examination sheet.

Canoeing Level 1

Canoeing Level 2