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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges


Level 1

1. Compass and Navigation
(a) State how many degrees there are on a compass.
(b) State the bearing, in degrees, for each of the cardinal points (North, South, East and West)
(c) Demonstrate two methods of finding directions without a compass.

2. Camping
(a) Go on a camp in a tent for at least two nights. This may be with your pack or family.
(b) Show you know how to pitch a tent and know what care to take when pitching it.
(c) Discuss the nest way to be safe in a tent e.g. from fire, insects and animals and natural events.

3. Safety in the Bush
(a) Discuss what safety precautions you should take before you go out into the bush.
(b) Explain where you could get water in the bush and show one method of achieving this.
(c) Explain two methods of purifying water that make it safe for drinking.

4. Fire Safety
(a) Show how to build a safe fireplace in the bush.
(b) Lay and light a fire. When you have finished (c), put it out safely.
(c) Using your fireplace, cook a meal for yourself.

Level 2

1. Compass and Navigation
(a) With a buddy, help set a simple compass trail in the bush. It must be at least 200 meters long and use six different compass directions. Have your six follow the trail.
(b) Using a map, help plan for an outing for your Pack.

2. Camping
(a) On a camp or in your backyard, construct a bush shelter that you could sleep overnight.
(b) List all the equipment you would need to take on a camp for a weekend, either with your family or Pack.
(c) Help prepare and cook at least two meals on the camp.

3. Safety in the Bush
(a) Discuss any dangerous creature that may be found in the bush areas, which you visit. Tell how to avoid them and what to do if you are in danger.
(b) Explain how to start a fire without matches.
(c) Explain what to do if you lose your direction when on a bushwalk.

4. Tracking
(a) Find the tracks of an animal or bird.
(b) make a plaster cast of these tracks and identify them if possible.
(c) On an outing, get as close as possible to a native animal or bird and observe its behaviour. Report on what you saw, heard and smelt

You can download an examination sheet.

Bushcraft Level 1

Bushcraft Level 2