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Cub Scouts Achievement Badges

Animals and Birds

Level 1

Complete both sections.

1. Animals
Do any three of the following:
(a) Identify six breeds of farm animals. Talk to your examiner about how, where and why they are raised.
(b) List the names of five native Australian animals and talk about where they can be found in Australia and what their food requirements are.
(c) Name two Australian animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. Explain why this is so.
(d) List the names of three feral animals in Australia. Explain how they affect other animals in their locality.
(e) Explain how we can keep native animals and birds safe from our domestic pets.

2. Birds
Do any three of the following:
(a) List five birds found in your area. State whether they are native or introduced species. Draw and colour a picture of one of them.
(b) Plant a bird attracting native shrub or tree in your garden. Explain what birds you can expect to attract.
(c) Show that you know three birds by their call or song.
(d) Identify in flight or by photograph five different Australian birds.
(e) Discuss some of the dangers to native birds from man and animals.

Level 2

Complete both sections.

1. Animals

Do any four of the following:

(a) On an outing or camping trip observe a native animal in its natural state. Write down the things you noticed.
(b) Compare the life of a native animal kept in captivity with one living in the wild. List the good and bad things for both.
(c) Visit a zoo or nature park and see how the animals are housed and cared for. Talk about such issues as whether you think zoos are necessary, how you feel about animals in captivity and how zoos have changed.
(d) List four animals native to countries other than Australia. Describe the habitat and eating habits of two of them.
(e) Research an animal that has been introduced into Australia. State whether the introduction has been beneficial to the country or not. Talk about the effect it has had on the land, other animals and the economy.

2. Birds
Do any four of the following:

(a) On an outing, use binoculars to watch birds in their natural state. Keep a log of birds seen and where you saw them.
(b) Identify three birds native to you State/Territory. Supply photos or videos as evidence.
(c) Show that you know the meaning of bird migration. Name at least four migratory birds that visit Australia.
(d) List five Australian birds that have become extinct.
(e) List or state the names of four birds native to countries other than Australia. Talk about where they live and what they eat.

You can download an examination sheet.

Animals and Birds Level 1

Animals and Birds Level 2